Kleer-Brewer Family History

Finished Kleer-Brewer Family History quilt on 8/19/1993.

The Brewer family traces its’ origins back to Lord William Brier in the 1100’s England.

The Brewer family was found in Chard, England in 1519 where a memorial is on the wall at St. Mary’s Church in Chard, England.

The first recorded Brewer in America was John Brewer of the Virginia Colony who was a burgess for Warwick County from 1629-1630.

He was also a member of the Governor’s Council 1632-34. His plantation was called “Stanley’s Hundred” or “Brewer’s Burrough” and his land in Warwick was adjacent to that of Colonel Miles Cary and Thomas Reade.

The family spread from Virginia to Clifton County, Tennessee, to North Carolina, Ohio and Nebraska.

Our family line came to St. Joseph County, Constantine, Michigan when Claude Brewer moved to that location.

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