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Family History Quilt ready to quilt on 3/11/1993

Family History Quilt ready to quilt on 3/11/1993

The hand tracings were gathered in 1991 and the quilt was researched (with much help from Ferne L. Brewer) designed, hand appliqu├ęd and hand quilted by Beverly Delores Brewer Stephenson Gary.

There are 90 hands on the quilt. The two stars represent Katherine Kleer Brewer and Herman Kleer, sister and brother, and their two lines of descendants.

There are 83 maple leaves in three sizes quilted into the quilt. The templates were made from leaves collected from the family home of Elwood Brewer in Constantine, Michigan.

The hands contain the name on the middle finger, place of birth on the ring finger, date of birth on the pointing finger, bloodline parent on the little finger and marriage date on the thumb.

The family of William Leisher (who died 9/8/92), his wife, Doris Laycock and their children, Gregory and Christina are not represented as their hand tracings were never received.

Also, Ronald Stephenson’s three children, Jason Lewis (8/30/82) and twins Jeremiah and Amanda (1/20/82, Goshen, Indiana) were not obtained.

The quilt was finished 8/19/93 and is dedicated to her parents, Elwood M. Brewer and Ferne L. Brewer, and the memory of her grandmother and grandfather, Katherine Kleer Brewer and Claude J. Brewer.

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  1. Beverly Gary says:

    Thank you, Ken, for building this site for the Kleer-Brewer Family Quilt. It was my deep pleasure to make this quilt and hope that everyone will enjoy seeing it and reading about it.

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